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A Sense of Purpose

Based on more than 25-years of research, a lack of mental readiness is the top “deal-killer.” An owner’s life-purpose after the sale is the least discussed issue in exit planning but it’s easy to see why. While more than 700,000 advisors exist across various disciplines of finance and law, few have a process to help an owner truly understand life beyond their business. This may mean another venture, or perhaps a downshift in pace.

This BERI™ Exit Options Report is intended to serve as an additional educational tool for helping you determine, not only your financial readiness for exiting your business, but to also go one step further by beginning to learn about, and analyze, the exit options that may be most applicable toward reaching your goals. Click here to take this 20 question, 10 minute assessment.

Once you have taken the survey be sure and read our whitepaper on mental readiness which will help illuminate the results of your specific answers to the survey questions.

In addition, recent studies suggest that heart attack, dementia, and divorce are twice as high for owners who do not have a defined plan for life after business ownership. So how do you reduce the chance of becoming a victim of these odds?

Owners Growing their Business but Not Ready to Retire: Developing a sense of purpose in the years prior to exit eases the transition after the transaction. This is the goal of proven, proprietary programs we facilitate for you. Rather than facing an unhealthy, abrupt change in lifestyle and mindset, you will discover your immediate capacity for a rich and fulfilling life beyond your business and when you exit.

Owners Nearing Retirement: If you are looking to leave your company but are not yet ready to “retire” in the traditional sense, it’s critically important to quantify the purpose-filled life ahead of you. With access to proven systems that provide clear logic and a sense of security, we can assist you in creating metrics that supports your vision for the future and addresses often overlooked emotional needs you will encounter as you move through this transition.

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